Milk Market Administrator - Seattle, WA
Pacific Northwest (FO 124) and
Arizona (FO 131) Marketing Areas
  • Federal Order Information
    The regulations under which U.S.D.A., AMS, Dairy Program administer milk marketing orders located in the Pacific Northwest (FO 124) and Arizona (FO 131). This link provides a directory listing of the milk market orders language available.
    • Federal Order News
      Provides national-level information pertaining to other milk marketing orders.
  • Policy Statements and Decisions
    Includes information normally sent to interested parties associated with the Pacific Northwest (FO 124) and Arizona (FO 131) Orders, such as waiver (and resumption) of assessments, changes in shipping percentages, and notices from the market administrator.
  • Reporting and Payment Dates
    Includes information on dates pertaining to the administration of the Pacific Northwest (FO 124) and Arizona (FO 131) Federal Orders.
  • Handler Reporting Forms
    Includes official forms that handlers are required to submit to the market administrator. All forms are available in Excel; instructions in PDF format available for selected forms.
  • Staff Papers
    Various studies, papers and presentations prepared by the market administrator staff. Topics relate to hauling charges, component tests and a written narration explaining Federal Milk Marketing Orders.
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